1st Lady only 19th Black Person on Vogue’s Cover


American Vogue has been around for over 100 years and only 17 other Black women have appeared on the cover, including Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, supermodel Naomi Campbell, Oscar and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson, and talk-show queen and billionaire Oprah Winfrey. They make the sisters work for it, huh?

Michelle Obama is only the second first lady to appear on the cover of American Vogue–the fashion bible. Hillary Clinton was the first. She appeared on the cover in December 1998. Notice how relaxed and natural Michelle looks, compared to Hillary’s very formal, almost portrait-like, pose.


NBA player LeBron James is the only Black man to appear on the cover–although his cover shot was panned by critics in the Black community for “looking King Kong-ish.” Mrs. Obama’s husband has appeared on the cover of Men’s Vogue twice.


Speak your peace.

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