Public Education gets a helping hand



President Obama said today the stimulus package, which he signed into law as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on Tuesday, includes the largest investment in public education in U.S. history. Whew! It’s about time somebody paid attention to our children and our hard-working educators. About 15% of all students enrolled in K – 12 public schools are African American. An educated citizenry is less likely to commit crimes and more likely to schedule an annual physical. Nations with low crime rates also have high literacy rates and more educated citizens. Many of the young Black men in American prisons are illiterate.

One issue: What’s the logic behind giving school superinterindents and principals far more money than classroom teachers? One other thing: Why should senior high-school principals earn more than junior high-school/middle school principals who earn more than elementary-school principals? Shouldn’t teachers (and principals) who work with young children during the most important developmental years (when male students outnumber female students) make a good living, too? Principals, however, still earn 40% more than classroom teachers, regardless of grade level. That ain’t right.

No wonder even good teachers work to get out of the classroom.

U.S. Census

U.S. Census

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