Michael Steele is “off”



The first African-American man to serve as chairman of the Republican National Committee wants to attract younger and more colorful voters to the party. He plans to accomplish his goal with an “off the hook” PR blitz.

He’s a little off.

What makes him think voters of color are so easily fooled? Most of us don’t like the party’s principles. What makes him think a new angle, slogan, or packaging will make a difference?

And one last thing: What’s with the slang?

Speak your peace.

One Response to “Michael Steele is “off””

  1. 1 Cecil Jones

    Michael Steele is exactly what the GOP needs. He’s not chasing the old, angry, Back of the Bus Blacks. He’s chasing those who have never seen a Bigot or battled one in their life. Anyone who has tasted the ugliness that was legal in the past will always cast a vote for a Democrat unless someone is willing to pay them to sellout. In this economy, Steele must start at the crib. I’ll bet he’s going after Barney and Friends. Why do you think Bill O’Reilly is writing books targeted at kids? If Blacks can teach their children to hate as much as the Bigots have passed on the hate and guns of the KKK, then Blacks will be unbeatable for a long time. The only way to beat us is to prevent our reinforcements from learning the past that united us. Holla if ya heard me? I’m giving this stuff for free.

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