Tyler Perry is the Rainmaker



His movies — 7 in all — have grossed over $300 million in the last four years. Four have debuted at #1, including Madea Goes to Jail, his latest effort and, so far, his biggest — opening weekend box-office receipts reached $41.1 million. That’s a 37% increase versus his second-best #1 debut, Madea’s Family Reunion. Madea Goes to Jail is perhaps not his finest film, but, to date, it is his most profitable.


Madea Goes to Jail made more money in one weekend than The Family that Preys and Daddy’s Little Girls each made during their full release. Maybe he should put his most famous character’s name in every film title.

Still, we appreciate a Black man who provides consistent employment for Black actors, especially Idris Elba. Thank you, Tyler Perry.

Speak your peace.

One Response to “Tyler Perry is the Rainmaker”

  1. 1 illgobby

    I and my family are HUGE Tyler Perry fans. We greatly appreciate what he is doing, entertaining the masses but also giving biblical concepts and timeless lessons. My mom, brother, sister, and myself saw Madea Goes To Jail over the week-end. Madea had us rolling in the aisles and agreeing w/ her outloud at her talks about personal responsibility and forgiveness. I’d also encourage people to check out the play version of Madea Goes To Jail, it’s one of my favorites from Mr. Perry. God bless Tyler as he stays on his grind.

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