Suicide bomb kills 11 in Somalia



On Sunday, a suicide bomber in a car, and possibly another wearing a vest packed with explosives, attacked the military base of African Union peacekeepers in Somalia, killing 11 soldiers from Burundi and wounding 15. The Islamist Shabab militia claimed responsibility for the attack and boasts ties to Al Qaeda.

The African Union sent peacekeeping troops to Somalia to help stabilize the country as it sets up a new transitional government, which the Shabab militia has said it will not recognize. Recently, the government installed a new president, new prime minister, and a cabinet. Somalia has not had a permanent national government since 1991.

The African Union was established in 1999 to unite the continent and set the stage for Africa to “play its rightful role in the global economy” and to address the “multifaceted social, economic, and political problems” facing the continent, including the eradication of colonization and apartheid, wherever they may still exist, and working more effectively with the United Nations. If that’s the goal, the road ahead is long…seems like every developed nation wants a piece of Africa…leaving nothing for Africans.

Speak your peace.

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