Detroit’s mayoral race another dramedy



The city of Detroit will hold three more mayoral elections by the time 2009 ends. A special primary was held on Tuesday in the cash-strapped city to determine the top two candidates to run in the May 5 special general election. Only 15% of registered voters turned out, but 29% of voters chose former Detroit Piston and businessman Dave Bing and another 27% picked incumbent Mayor Ken Cockrel, who replaced Congressman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick’s disgraced son Kwame Kilpatrick. Cockrel previously served as Detroit City Council president.

Whoever wins May 5 will finish out Kilpatrick’s term, which ends Decemebr 31. Then in August, another primary will be held with a slew of new candidates. After that, on to the November general election to decide who will run the city for the next four years.

In the end, Detroit is the loser. Who can afford to hold all these elections, especially for apathetic voters?

Speak your peace.

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