Tiger Woods wins 1st-round match today


tiger-woodsTigers Woods has been out of the game since June, due to knee surgery, but that didn’t stop him from winning his match today in the first round of the Accenture World Match Play Championship, beating Australia’s Brendan Jones 3 and 2.

He does bring the pain.

Speak your peace.

One Response to “Tiger Woods wins 1st-round match today”

  1. 1 Cecil Jones

    It’s Tiger, Tiger, Woods yall! He’s back and doing what he truly loves or is he? I heard some things that would worry me if I held stock in the PGA. For example, Tiger mentioned, “He would quit if he were not nervous anymore.” The fact that he even considered quitting suggests an alternative plan or another line of work or love in Tiger Woods future. The man now has two kids and anyone who watched Earl and Tiger’s relationship develop know they are natural politicians and teachers. Tiger can play a friendly game of golf for a hundred grand here or there any weekend. Tiger’s life is growing beyond golf. He’s got a beautiful wife to love and cherish. He’s got a boy and a girl ready to follow his path in life. He’d make a wonderful Senator or possible President if he ever desired. Think about it…the World belongs to this “Caublablinasian.” He’s got his 40 Acres and more ready to plow. Can’t plow your field playing golf. Don’t be shocked if Tiger just doesn’t get nervous anymore. Check out those guns. He looks like he could go into “Body Building” soon.

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