First Lady working in the community


First Lady Michelle Obama served food Thursday at Miriam’s Kitchen, a Washington, DC, non-profit organization that provides healthy meals for people without homes. Mrs. Obama believes this kind of work “is an example of what we can do, as a country and as a community, to help folks when they’re down. We’re all going to need one another in these times. We’re going to need to keep lifting each other up, in prayer and in hope.”

She went on to say: “My purpose here was to listen, learn and to scoop some risotto. And hopefully everybody was satisfied with my scoops. Can I hear something for my scoops?” The group laughed with her.

Down to earth.

Speak your peace.

2 Responses to “First Lady working in the community”

  1. 1 llabesab

    Did Michelle “Marie Antoinette” Obama really say “..Let them eat Risotto?”

  2. 2 Speak Your Peace

    No she didn’t.

    Speak your peace.

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