Willie Gary demanding $100 million for former Detroit mayor



Florida mega-attorney Willie Gary and Michigan attorney James Thomas, representing former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, sent a letter yesterday to SkyTel — Detroit’s communications provider when Kilpatrick was mayor of the predominantly Black city — demanding $100 million for violating Kilpatrick’s privacy and constitutional rights, along with federal and state statutes. The attorneys further charged in the letter that SkyTel unlawfully released the text messages exchanged between and sent or received by Kilpatrick and his former aide Christine Beatty. The Detroit Free Press, using previously released text messages, broke the story in January 2008 that Kilpatrick and Beatty lied under oath during a whistleblower trial. The daily newspaper successfully pushed to have additional text messages released yesterday by a circuit court judge. The first batch of text messages released last year ended Kilpatrick’s political career. He recently completed a four-month jail sentence. Beatty is still in jail serving a 120-day sentence. Her scheduled release date is April 15.

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