African-American woman launches investigative web site


According to Richard Prince’s Journal-isms, journalist Regina Holmes launched in Baltimore two weeks ago.  Some believe it’s the first investigative web site of its kind founded by a person of color. Most recently, Ms. Holmes was assistant managing editor at the Baltimore Examiner, which shut down last month.

Industrious. Check it out.

Speak your peace.

One Response to “African-American woman launches investigative web site”

  1. 1 Cecil Jones

    The ability of an investigative website to thrive depends on the power of the truths they tell. What power does a “Woman of Color” have and does she have the courage to use it? This could be why she thinks she’s the first. News is tainted by the relationships that the news told does or does not hurt. The printing press is another form of a megaphone and access to that device costs money that is obtained from sponsors. If she can’t use that printing press to print “Ben Franklins” at will, then any investigation will only go so far before it hurts the bottomline. That’s the truth for all investigations. Sadly, we all know it’s not about race or gender…it’s about the Benjamins Baby.

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