NBA player Eddy Curry’s family will get his son


Update 3/20/09: Yolan Henry, Noah Henry’s grandmother, will turn the 3-year-old boy over to father Eddy Curry’s family, after initially defying a court order to do so.

(3/12/09) Cook County, IL, Circuit Court Judge Thomas Kelly told New York Knicks center Eddy Curry’s attorney, Kelly Swaindon, that Curry should appear next Thursday for a hearing regarding custody of his son, Noah Henry, who survived the Jan. 24 slaying that took the lives of Noah’s mother, Nova Henry, and 10-month-old sister, Ava, in Nova Henry’s Chicago home. The boy is currently in the custody of his maternal grandmother Yolan Henry. Attorney Michael Kalchiem, representing Yolan Henry, told the judge that the boy’s grandmother should be granted custody of 3-year-old Noah until the NBA season ends.

Pray for Noah.

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