Darfuris may starve

Although the Arab-dominated Sudanese government initially threatened a return to fundamental Islamist rule in the predominantly Black country if any “citizen” showed support for the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court for President Omar al-Bashir, who has ignored the warrant, it appears the government will allow its Black citizens in Darfur to starve to death, instead.
According to the Los Angeles Times, 1.1 million Darfuris will not receive food rations starting in May, when existing supplies run out. In reaction to the ICC arrest warrant, the Sudanese government expelled 13 foreign humanitarian aid organizations that provided food, shelter, and protection for Darfuris caught in the middle of the violent civil conflict in the region between the government-backed Arab militia, the Janjaweed, and the Darfuri rebel groups. If Sudan and the United Nations can’t fill the need, the Darfuris will starve.
President Omar al-Bashir has accused the expelled aid groups of cooperating with the International Criminal Court, which the aid groups deny.
The U.N. humanitarian coordinator in Sudan, Ameerah Haq, said, besides food, money will likely run out in four weeks for fuel needed to transport drinking water to 850,000 people. She also noted more than 600,000 people may not get the building materials needed to construct shelters for the rainy season.
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