Iconic statesmen Nelson Mandela attends political rally



The African National Congress, South Africa’s leading political party, staged a rally on Sunday in Johannesburg’s largest rugby stadium to solidify support for 67-year-old presidential candidate Jacob Zuma, just three days before the election. There are 40 different national and provincial parties competing in the elections. Former President Nelson Mandela, 90, appeared with Zuma at the rally in front of screaming crowds to lend his support. The ANC is hoping for a landslide presidential win today. Zuma and Mandela share a special bond. The two were imprisoned together on Robben Island.

Zuma will likely win his country’s presidential election, in spite of recent charges of corruption, which were dropped two weeks ago for procedural reasons, and a rape trial that resulted in his acquittal. Interestingly, Zuma admitted to having sex with a 31-year-old woman, but blamed “Zulu culture” for the sex act, since she was wearing a short skirt and sitting suggestively.

Hmmm… He sounds like a president to us…at least the late 20-century variety.

Speak your peace.

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