Is 50 Cent the next Tyler Perry?

50 centrichard t jonesforest whitaker

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (top) is starring in a new film about police corruption with Richard T. Jones (middle photo), Chris Klein, and Adam Rodriguez. Jackson, who is executive producing with Chris Lighty and Tim Roth, plays a gang-banger-turned-informant in Caught in the Crossfire, written and directed by newcomer Brian Miller, who attended film school in Grand Rapids, Mich., where the film is also being shot.

Along with business partner Randall Emmett, Jackson launched his film company, Cheetah Vision, at Sundance. The pair will also produce Jekyll and Hyde, starring Jackson and Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker (bottom) in the title roles.

Looks like we can count on Tyler Perry for downhome-wholesomeness…and 50 Cent may start bringing up the rear with the hard stuff…

Speak your peace.

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