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We could all learn a thing or two about healthy living from this sassy 90-year-old woman: Live long and prosper. Speak your peace.

Sony Pictures is reportedly paying close to $60 million to AEG Entertainment for the 80 hours of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” concert rehearsal footage. Before the icon’s sudden death on June 25, the 50-night concert was set to begin this month in London at the O2 arena. Sony is planning to release a film […]

Decide for yourself. Last month, Brown pled guilty to a felony assault charge for physically engaging singer Rihanna in February. His sentence includes five years of supervised probation, completion of a domestic violence counseling program, and six months of community service in his home state of Virginia. Speak your peace.

President Obama announced today his nominee for U.S. surgeon general and SHE is BLACK. Dr. Regina Benjamin attended Xavier University in New Orleans, was a member of the second class of the Morehouse School of Medicine, and received an M.D. degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. A family physician, Dr. Benjamin has rebuilt the […]

R&B singer Chris Brown pleaded guilty Monday in a Los Angeles court to one count of felony assault involving pop diva Rihanna on February 8. Brown will be formally sentenced on August  5, but his plea deal requires him to perform 6 months of community service and serve five years of supervised probation in his home […]

  AIDS health activist Thembi Ngubane was just 19 when she began documenting her battle with AIDS for a radio diary that aired on NPR, here in the U.S., in April 2006, and later aired in the UK, Canada, and Australia, touching nearly 50 million people. A mother of a four-year-old daughter, she died last […]

Buying Black


John & Maggie Anderson with daughters Cori and Cora on the cover of N’Digo John and Maggie Anderson, an accomplished Black couple in Chicago, are conducting an experiment — an experiment to determine how the Black community will be impacted if the Andersons only purchase goods and services from Black-owned businesses. You can learn more […]

We have the New York Times to thank for exposing the everyday challenges faced by impoverished Senegalese people, who use garbage to “fortify” their homes and streets. In the Médina Gounass neighborhood of Guédiawaye, “people use it [garbage] to shore up their flood-prone houses and streets in this low-lying area near the Atlantic coast; they have no choice. […]

Pop singer Rihanna attended the annual benefit for the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute in New York last night, wearing a tuxedo with padded, or perhaps puffed, sleeves for the high-profile fashion event. Her appearance at the gala is supposedly her first after former boyfriend Chris Brown, 20, allegedly attacked her in Los Angeles, just before the Grammys, […]

William “Refrigerator” Perry, 46, former defensive lineman for the 1985 Super Bowl Chicago Bears, is in a South Carolina hospital for complications stemming for Guillain-Barre (gee-LAN’ bah-RAY’) Syndrome — chronic inflammation of the peripheral nerves. Mr. Perry has been in the hospital for about one week and is expected to recover. Get well soon.

Visit to learn about ways you can make our planet a better place. Speak your peace.

The U.S. Department of Labor has announced a reduction in premiums for COBRA recipients. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) provides for premium reductions and additional election opportunities for health benefits under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, commonly called COBRA. Eligible individuals pay only 35 percent of their COBRA […]

Buy organic?


According to the Environmental Working Group, grocery shoppers don’t have to buy organic produce in every instance to avoid pesticides. Some fruits and vegetables require few chemicals for robust growth and others have thick and/or peelable, chemical-fighting skins. The list below ranks the most commonly purchased fruits and vegetables and their pesticide load from highest […]

According to a long-term study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the incidence of heart failure among African Americans under 50 is more than 20 times higher versus Whites. The study’s authors, however, acknowledge the number of cases studied was small (5,115) and more investigation is necessary. Check out the study for yourself at: We […]

Heads of several European states, including Germany and France, criticized Pope Benedict this week for his stance on condom distribution in Africa. He said HIV/AIDS was “a tragedy that cannot be overcome by money alone, that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which can even increase the problem.” He went on to say the solution […]

President Barack Obama’s paternal step-grandmother, Sarah Obama, 87, will help eradicate the tsetse fly, an insect that causes sleeping sickness, or trypanosomiasis. She was given a spray pump and insecticide by African Union representatives during a visit to her Kenyan village (Kogelo) last month to treat 3,000 animals. Yes, animals can be infected with the disease, just like humans. According […]

Marion Barry, DC city council member and former DC mayor, was released from Howard University Hospital on Friday after a kidney transplant. According to Barry’s camp, his old kidney failed due to complications from diabetes and hypertension. Mr. Barry is 72. Next up: Barry faces an April 2 hearing for failing to file 2007 tax returns. Get well soon.

Bravo TV’s Top Chef finalist Carla Hall didn’t win the 5-year-old cooking competition, but she gained a loyal and passionate following. Her fresh and exciting French/Soul dishes, infused with “love,” garnered praise from judges and viewers alike. Some say she was robbed of the Top Chef title, but her business, Alchemy Catering in a DC […]

First Lady Michelle Obama admits to enjoying the White House in an upcoming article for People magazine. She and her husband work out together each morning and have dinner with their kids every night. Must be nice to be Michelle Obama right about now… Speak your peace.

We know most of you watched the President deliver his speech on the economy last night, but here’s what we think: He stayed on message. He clearly communicated the pillars of his agenda: Energy, Health Care, and Education. He provided some details. He connected with his live audience of politicians and TV viewers. He’s smart […]