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  AIDS health activist Thembi Ngubane was just 19 when she began documenting her battle with AIDS for a radio diary that aired on NPR, here in the U.S., in April 2006, and later aired in the UK, Canada, and Australia, touching nearly 50 million people. A mother of a four-year-old daughter, she died last […]

The BBC is reporting that Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to pay $15.5 million as an out-of-court settlement in a case brought by the families of nine Nigerian executed anti-oil activists, accusing the company of human rights abuses, including murder and torture. The activists, who were protesting the pollution caused by the oil industry and also […]

In his first state of the nation address, President Jacob Zuma promised to create 500,000 new jobs in South Africa before December 2009. Roughly 40% of South Africans live in poverty, so this initiative is sorely needed. However, can Zuma really pull it off during the country’s worst recession in nearly 20 years? During the […]

Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe’s prime minister, who entered into a power-sharing agreement with President Robert Mugabe more than 100 days ago, spoke at his political party’s annual convention last week, stating his party, Movement for Democratic Change, has not yet moved democracy forward in the country that was once one of Africa’s most prosperous. Many citizens […]

Liberia, an African country founded by freed American slaves in the early 19th century, is defined by deep racial and social complexities. A 1980 military coup ended the rule of the American-Liberian elite class and led to a 13-year civil war. The current president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first female president in Africa, has written […]

Although the Arab-dominated Sudanese government initially threatened a return to fundamental Islamist rule in the predominantly Black country if any “citizen” showed support for the arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court for President Omar al-Bashir, who has ignored the warrant, it appears the government will allow its Black citizens in Darfur to starve […]

President Omar al-Bashir had already expelled humanitarian aid groups from Darfur, in reaction to an arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court charging him with war crimes and crimes against humanity, but now he’s allowing gunmen to engage U.N. and African Union peacekeepers in the city of Niyala, in the southern part of Darfur. A spokesperson […]

According to the BBC, a new Nigerian law banning gay marriage would lead to three years in jail for anyone who has “entered into a same gender marriage contract,” defined as two gay people living together, or anyone who “aids and abets” them. It’s already illegal to have sex with a member of the same gender in […]

The cabinet in Somalia voted Tuesday to make Islamic Sharia law the law of the land. Although the move must still be approved by Parliament, the cabinet and moderate President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed are trying to nullify support for a radical Islamist group that controls the southern and central regions in the country by creating an environment supported by […]

Former Malawi President Bakili Muluzi was arrested for stealing $11 million of international donor funds. He’s been arrested before on similar charges, but the case was thrown out. Muluzi served as president of the southern African country from 1994 – 2004. He made a failed attempt to amend the country’s constitution to give himself another […]

According to the BBC and other news sources, suspects in the African country of Kenya are being killed by police officers there, instead of arrested. A whistleblower, whose eyewitness account was videotaped in July and released Tuesday by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, was killed four months after the taping. The video above shows the […]

Ahead of the planned peace talks with Sudan’s most feared rebel group, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), in the Darfur conflict, the Sudanese government has agreed to release 24 detainees as a gesture of goodwill. In turn, JEM officials have agreed to release 21 government soldiers. Sudan’s Arab president, Omar al-Bashir, met with the emir […]

Since 2007, more than 40 Tanzanians, born with albinism, an inherited disorder that causes a lack of pigmentation in hair, eyes, and skin, have been murdered by gangs of men, who chop off their arms, legs, even genitalia and heads, to sell to fellow East Africans who apparently believe the widespread rumors (in that region) that […]

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Bishop Desmond Tutu wants President Barack Obama to apologize to Iraq for the “unmitigated disaster” there to avoid pissing off the world community. He also wants him to deal with African dictators. Why should Obama apologize for Bush’s mistake? He should just continue to focus on agenda- and tone-setting…oh, and saving […]

Congress of the People (COPE), a new political party in South Africa formed by dissenting members of the African National Congress (ANC), the country’s ruling party (controls 8 of 9 provinces), has nominated a Methodist bishop, the Rev. Mvume Dandala, as COPE’s presidential candidate. The election will take place in April. Dandala is known as a […]

Boubacar Joseph Ndiaye, curator of Senegal’s House of Slaves, died on February 6. He was 86. Mr. Ndiaye dedicated the better part of his life overseeing the slave memorial on Goree’ Island, off the coast of Senegal at Dakar. The island was once used as a holding facility for captured Africans before their long voyage […]

BET founder and billionaire Bob Johnson is building a $12 million, four-star beachfront resort in the African nation of Liberia, near Monrovia. The highly anticipated resort, which Johnson hopes will help improve the country’s international image, is scheduled to open next month. The mega-entrepreneur is also putting together a $30 million private equity fund to support […]

  Update: The Sudanese government and the most feared rebel group in Darfur, Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), have signed a declaration of intent to begin peace talks. Let’s pray and take action. Check out our breakdown of this conflict in a post first published on 2/6/09. Speak you peace.

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  Do we, as Black People, really understand what’s going on in Darfur? According to CIA estimates, 200,000 to 400,000 Sudanese have been slaughtered since the conflict began in 2003. Called by many the “worst humanitarian crisis in history,” two million more Sudanese have been displaced as a result of the violence. Let’s break a few […]