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According to the New York Times: The off-again-on-again civil war in Burundi that killed more than 200,000 people officially came to an end on Wednesday as the last of its rebel groups formally became a political party. According to the African Union, which has led peace efforts, 3,500 members of the rebel group, the National […]

The African Union suspended Madagascar Friday in response to what’s being called a military coup that forced President Marc Ravalomanana (above) to resign this week. Ravalomanana stepped down and left the job of governing the country to the military after months of street protests and an armed military showdown at the presidential palace in Ravalomanana’s office. The military […]

President Omar al-Bashir had already expelled humanitarian aid groups from Darfur, in reaction to an arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court charging him with war crimes and crimes against humanity, but now he’s allowing gunmen to engage U.N. and African Union peacekeepers in the city of Niyala, in the southern part of Darfur. A spokesperson […]

On Sunday, a suicide bomber in a car, and possibly another wearing a vest packed with explosives, attacked the military base of African Union peacekeepers in Somalia, killing 11 soldiers from Burundi and wounding 15. The Islamist Shabab militia claimed responsibility for the attack and boasts ties to Al Qaeda. The African Union sent peacekeeping troops […]