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  After honing his craft as a writer on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and creating The Bernic Mac Show, Larry Wilmore, “senior black correspondent” on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, has just published his take on what’s funny about being Black — I’d Rather We Got Casinos: And Other Black Thoughts. Speak […]

Kimberly Rivers Roberts and her husband, Scott, used her new video camera to capture the horror that was Hurricane Katrina and how it affected their community…in a very real way. Their footage, coupled with news footage and stylized film techniques, led to the development of the Oscar-nominated documentary Trouble the Water, in collaboration with two […]

Of the hundreds of studio films produced in 2008, 70 or so featured African-American/African actors. Believe it or not, there were a few films left over for other Black actors besides Samuel L. Jackson and the Smith family to appear in… We were glad to see a little more of Jeffrey Wright. Hey, where was […]