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Kimberly Rivers Roberts and her husband, Scott, used her new video camera to capture the horror that was Hurricane Katrina and how it affected their community…in a very real way. Their footage, coupled with news footage and stylized film techniques, led to the development of the Oscar-nominated documentary Trouble the Water, in collaboration with two […]

Take a look at this video of African-American high-school students fighting at a recent basketball game in Alabama: Why can’t we and our children get along? We’re not saying that other communities don’t experience similar episodes, but we don’t have time to waste on foolishness. We have so much work to do — like educating […]

Oscar Grant’s killer, Johannes Mehserle, was released from jail yesterday. He paid 10% of his $3 million bail. His family raised the money. Although he’s been charged with murder, his defense team will likely try to prove that he “mistakenly pulled out his service pistol instead of stun gun” ( to get him off. Thank goodness for […]