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President Obama said Tuesday to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that his administration needs to “make No Child Left Behind live up to its name by ensuring not only that teachers and principals get the funding that they need, but that the money is tied to results. And Arne Duncan [U.S. Secretary of Education] will […]

In his weekly address, President Obama talked about how his budget plan fulfills his campaign promises: greater focus on education and clean energy, fiscal responsibility, healthcare reform, and fair taxation. He also acknowledged that there are many ready for a fight to block his agenda. To those folks and factions, he stated, “So am I.” […]

We know most of you watched the President deliver his speech on the economy last night, but here’s what we think: He stayed on message. He clearly communicated the pillars of his agenda: Energy, Health Care, and Education. He provided some details. He connected with his live audience of politicians and TV viewers. He’s smart […]

President Obama signed his first major piece of legislation today. The $787B American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 will fund the rebuilding of roads and bridges, healthcare, and renewable energy. The Act — which represents the largest public spending program since World War II — will also provide tax cuts and jobs for many Americans. […]

College Bound?


Did you know that less than half of all African-American high-school students 16 – 21 will enroll in college in the fall? See the numbers below: African American       48.9% (1.71 million) Asian American          78.6% (534,000) Hispanic                45.3% (1.79 million) White                      58.2% (9.91 million) Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, 10/2006 We’ve always valued education in the […]