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The BBC is reporting that Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to pay $15.5 million as an out-of-court settlement in a case brought by the families of nine Nigerian executed anti-oil activists, accusing the company of human rights abuses, including murder and torture. The activists, who were protesting the pollution caused by the oil industry and also […]

According to the BBC: The military in Nigeria has been accused of killing 1,000 civilians during an upsurge in operations against militants in the oil-rich Niger Delta. ‘They…bombard entire communities from the air, sea and land,’ said the Ijaw National Congress which represents the region’s largest ethnic group. A Nigerian military spokesman dismissed the allegations […]

According to the BBC, a new Nigerian law banning gay marriage would lead to three years in jail for anyone who has “entered into a same gender marriage contract,” defined as two gay people living together, or anyone who “aids and abets” them. It’s already illegal to have sex with a member of the same gender in […]