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Check out RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s answers to a few questions recently posed by GQ magazine. Is he pro-choice or pro-life? What is his position on gay marriage? Is he really ready for this job? You can check out the complete interview at Mr. Steele, we’re still worried about you, Brother. Speak your peace. […]

President Obama signed an executive order Wednesday creating the White House Council on Women and Girls. “First Friend” and Assistant to the President/Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett (above) will chair the council. The goal of the council is to coordinate a federal response to the challenges women and girls face everyday with emphasis on improving economic […]

The cabinet in Somalia voted Tuesday to make Islamic Sharia law the law of the land. Although the move must still be approved by Parliament, the cabinet and moderate President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed are trying to nullify support for a radical Islamist group that controls the southern and central regions in the country by creating an environment supported by […]

Should newly appointed U.S. Senator Roland Burris resign, just because he failed to admit that he did, in fact, attempt to raise funds for impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich? His attempts to raise money failed, however. Which begs the question: Is he perhaps too politically inept to even be corrupt? Pat Quinn, Illinois’ new governor who was […]

Chaos by Design


  Do we, as Black People, really understand what’s going on in Darfur? According to CIA estimates, 200,000 to 400,000 Sudanese have been slaughtered since the conflict began in 2003. Called by many the “worst humanitarian crisis in history,” two million more Sudanese have been displaced as a result of the violence. Let’s break a few […]

Mr. President


What do you think about Michael Steele, the Republican National Committee’s 1st African-American chairman? Check out his bio: Lieutenant Governor of Maryland from 2003 through 2007, becoming the first African American elected to state-wide office in that state Steele is chairman of GOPAC (Grand Old Party Action Committee: education and training organization for state and […]

I admit it. I caught Obama fever early in his career, although my fever was perhaps more chronic. I remember when he was an aspiring state politician in Illinois. He would visit with small groups of voters in their homes and answer every question like his life depended on it. He was serious. I once sat […]