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  Update: The Sudanese government and the most feared rebel group in Darfur, Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), have signed a declaration of intent to begin peace talks. Let’s pray and take action. Check out our breakdown of this conflict in a post first published on 2/6/09. Speak you peace.

Chaos by Design


  Do we, as Black People, really understand what’s going on in Darfur? According to CIA estimates, 200,000 to 400,000 Sudanese have been slaughtered since the conflict began in 2003. Called by many the “worst humanitarian crisis in history,” two million more Sudanese have been displaced as a result of the violence. Let’s break a few […]

Recently, we received an e-mail that summarized which automakers made donations to 9/11 relief efforts in 2001. The e-mail purported to reveal which auto companies really care about American consumers and, as such, which ones deserve our hard-earned dollars. As we all know, most victims of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath were African American. So, […]