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Now that Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse’s age has been determined — he’s supposedly 18, not 15, as previously reported by his legal team — the young Somali “pirate” faces life in prison. He appeared in a federal court in Manhattan yesterday and according to official reports, Muse was the first to board the Maersk Alabama on April 8, armed […]

New Jersey congressman Donald Payne visited Somalia this week and met with government leaders there to discuss last week’s hostage crisis and ways the global community can help the highly unstable country regain its sovereignty. As Payne’s plane was departing from the airport in the capital city of Mogadishu, mortar shells were fired and landed near his plane, which […]

The cabinet in Somalia voted Tuesday to make Islamic Sharia law the law of the land. Although the move must still be approved by Parliament, the cabinet and moderate President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed are trying to nullify support for a radical Islamist group that controls the southern and central regions in the country by creating an environment supported by […]

On Sunday, a suicide bomber in a car, and possibly another wearing a vest packed with explosives, attacked the military base of African Union peacekeepers in Somalia, killing 11 soldiers from Burundi and wounding 15. The Islamist Shabab militia claimed responsibility for the attack and boasts ties to Al Qaeda. The African Union sent peacekeeping troops […]